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Founded in 1994, Propane Expert Inc. was the first company in the Nation Capital Region to establish a Propane Exchange Network in convenience stores and gas stations.

Propane Expert Inc. began its operations in Sarsfield , Ontario with the filling and distribution of BBQ cylinders. In 1997, following an acquisition, new product lines were added. Caburation cylinders and 100lbs cylinders became part of the day to day operations.

More than a decade later, we now service over 2,000 retail locations in five provinces while the PNE brand is offered Coast to Coast.


1996 Propane Expert Inc. moves its operation from Sarsfield, Ontario to Vars, Ontario. Since 1996, Propane Expert Inc. has been the sole propane distributor for all Quickie convenience stores in the Ottawa-Hull region.
1997 Following negotiations in the Summer of 1997, Propane Expert Inc. purchased the 100lbs cylinder and carburation cylinder division from ICG Propane Inc. for the Outaouais and eastern Ontario regions. As a consequence, Propane Expert Inc. acquired more than 400 new clients.
1999 Following a market study during the Fall, Propane Expert Inc. established a network of carburation cylinders in the Montreal region. Propane Expert Inc.'s exposure to the Québec market in May 1999 increased as a result of the pre-fill program agreement with Rona Dismat. During the spring, Zellers and Canadian Tire Corporation began their pre-fill program which was established in Ontario and Québec. During the winter, Propane Expert Inc. joined a Toronto propane company on its pre-fill program for The Home Depot. The program now covers all Home Depots in Ontario.
2000 Propane Expert Inc. and Réno Dépôt Inc. agree on a pre-fill program which will allow Propane Expert Inc. to double its sales in pre-fill cylinders.
2002 Canadian Tire Corporation and the PNE Group finalize a comprehensive program for the stores between The Rockies and the St-Laurence River.
2003 As a result of our successful CTC programs, a new facility is opened in Red Deer, Alberta. This shop will supply our needs fot both Alberta and Saskatchewan Following some high stakes presentations, The Home Depot awards the PNE Group the mandate to set-up a National Exchange Program The Red Deer facility triples its size to prepare for the BC market Short Stop Food Stores becomes a customer in Alberta
2004 During February we open a depot in Surrey , BC . By the end of March, both The Home Depot and Canadian Tire BC networks are up and running While BC was being set-up, the Alberta team also set-up The Home Depot in Alberta and Saskatchewan In June, Petro-Canada joints our network as a National Customer Peavey Industries introduces the PNE Exchange Program in all their stores in BC, AB, SK and MB The month of May saw us go back to our roots. After 7 years and two acquisitions our forklift and 100lbs cylinder division was sold. We are now, as we started, a propane company dedicated to cylinder exchange.